How To Bind India Together

What are The Top Must-Have Ingredients of “Social &Political Glue” to Bind India Together? 

What do you think should be the answer to this question? What according to you should be the pervasiveness of this answer? Sit tight, close your eyes, and think like a social engineer of 21st century India. You will be able to see a landscape with more than 20 states and 16 declared languages to conduct the official business. When you will explore it a bit further, you will find that there are more than 80 languages, and each language belongs to a distinctive culture.

“The Argumentative Indian” is Actually“an Idiosyncratic Indian”

What is your identity as an Indian? Are you an Indian alone or you are an Indian living in a particular state, belonging to a particular cast, speaking a particular language, and finally if you belong to a certain economic class?

Being a responsible citizen of India, you must already have earned an identity that defines your character. You must be trying hard to find a best fit in your social circles that define your class and stature in the society. Now,there is this “internal quest” running in the heart of every single responsible citizen of India. You are trying hard to figure out few similarities with certain groups, and this idiosyncrasy is somehow eclipsing your personality to a great deal.

Political Parties and Even Certain Religious Groups Are Trying to Generate An Advantage Point From This In-set Idiosyncrasy of Yours!

It is a kind of membership spree that is going on in modern India. Political groups; religious outfits, and other groups are trying it hard to allure you into their virtues. You can figure out many groups around you. Every fan club, every hatred page on social media, “What’s app community”, everything is a group, and you are bound to fulfill certain conditions to take part in them. Some conditions are to your choice, but there are certain other conditions too that might be unacceptable to your liking.

Role of Social and Demographic Radar’s in a Radical Democracy

Your heredity, your personal interests, your economical needs, and your needs for a social support system, everything is a under a kind of “Radar.” Radical forces are dissecting your personality. A propaganda factory is working round-the-clock to provoke you, to bring you on your toes and join the march against the rival group. Rival groups are also doing the same thing.

Democracy Has Become “The Game of Numbers”

Radical powers are offering you a banner in India; reservation, intolerance, patriotism, caste system, and social tokenism. Everything is a tool to bring more and more people under a single umbrella. You are becoming a soft target of “Issue Raising Fraternity.” For that matter, an NGO starts a battle against the prevailing corruption in the country and ends up holding the top-notch post after a victorious election. An issue allured you into the framework where you thought that you were battling it out against the corrupt system. You were a patsy in the game; you were an argumentative Indian searching for a solution in herd. Now, you are feeling deceived, you are nothing but a number.

The Recipe of Success in the Past?

Think about the time when your ancestors were fighting against colonial powers.What was the binding factor at that point in time? It was “Patriotism.”It was unconditional love for their native land, and it was their battle against the economic oppression that was ruling their hearts. Right after the independence, you saw a generation of scientists and hardworking people coming together to build a great country. You saw people cheering up India’s victory in Hockey world cup, Gold medal in Olympic, and finally World cup victory in a cricketing event. You were a part of the country glued to the Radio set and cheering up the ball-by-ball commentary for every single run and every single wicket falling.

Entertainment and Performing Arts are The Biggest Clubs

If you are talking of one hundred crore club or five hundred crore club created by the Bollywood films, you are referring to just numbers. The power of Cinema is far beyond that. It has the power to bring in new fashions. It has the power to generate this connect of positivity in the masses.

Entertainment – A True Binding Force

Just imagine, 1000 odd people from all walks of life, all age groups, all genders, and all economic strata’s sitting together, watching Sholay and feeling sad over Amitabh Bachchan’s death scene or laughing at the antiques of Asrani in & as “Angrezonke Zamaneka Jailor” (A jailor inspired from the English Jailors in Colonial Indian prisons.” Reactions were same in every show; they are still the same if you get this opportunity to watch “Sholey” with a Rainbow crowd.

It is not about claptraps, it is a way of life that can act like a binding factor for India in current Milieu

You can summarize it now, if you are well aware of your identity, as an Indian, then it is a binding factor. If you are not suffering from any type of role conflicts related to your standing in this country and this socio-political system, then it is a binding factor. Do not search for your identity in a group; it may have some similarities with you, but what about other aspects? Democracy can be a system in which free individuals can be co-inhabitant, however, it again is not the core solution to the issue that we have in our hands.You exist and others too exist, just like they too have a “You” attached to them, and you need to respect that “you” for a solution.

The Yogic Philosophy to Rescue “You” from ill-effects of a “Mob”

Yoga brings people together; if you look around, then you will see many people performing Yoga in Groups. Yoga teaches us about the internal universe that is concurrently running inside our bodies. It says that you are a molecule in this vast universe, and there are many molecules like you. Molecules are independent yet they co-exist in a system.

The Yogic “Mantra” – Identify the “You” in “you” and identify the “you” of a co-existing molecule or the person in your orbit.

In recent years, Prime minister of India Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi once again reminded the nation about the Golden principle of “Unity in Diversity.” It is the time when you need to revisit the rich alley of Nostalgia again. Going back down the memory lane to the post-independence era, you were a citizen of a promising country that was all set to guide the world on a spiritual path. Six decades down the line, you are still a resident of the same country. Nothing has changed.

Rational thinking, accommodating and benevolent behavior, clubbed together with a poised and justified expression; these were the three key ingredients that were binding India as a nation together in the past, and they are going to keep it intact in the future too.

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