We are a group of Indian professional residents living in in the city of Manchester,UK. Having lived here in the UK for quite a sometime, we have formed a group of likeminded people to provide various services to help and support Indian community such as people who recently moved here from India or who already have been here in different walks of life.

Who we are

NRI abroad provides a wide range of quality support and services for people who require support in various areas. We work with people who have issues ranging from not getting advice in relation to employment, cultural activities, accommodation and community based support. We intend to work all over UK in years to come and contribute towards our society out of which we have achieved over the years.

Indian diaspora stands to describe people who are originally from India; it also refers to descendants from India, for example people who migrated from Africa or other parts of world but their ancestors hail from India. Currently, total population of diaspora is estimated over twenty million composed of NRI (People who are Indian citizen but not residing in India).

Over the past two decades people of Indian origin are considered highly skilled such as doctors, scientists, engineers, finance professionals and entrepreneurs. These very people are the driving force to help drive the country’s long term development goal.

What we do

We as an organisation, intend to contribute or to give something back to Indians by doing our bit in many ways in a variety of areas.

Manchester often lacks something when it comes to offering hands towards supporting cultural events and people of Indian community. However less we may be in numbers, but it’s not the numbers that count always; it’s the excellence of right people. Therefore, if we develop intention and courage to do something for the fellow Indian, then it always starts within and with the intention to do something. Our long term objective is to contribute in achieving sustainable development goals to empower India.

There are various areas we love to contribute towards:

  • Empower young people who have come here for their studies or jobs
  • Supporting old people by helping them in many ways, such as looking after their physiological and physical needs
  • Raise cultural awareness, so that our kids begin to understand where they are belonging to along with their rich history (Understanding rich history is hugely important, since we have had a rich heritage and wealth prior to invasions).
  • Contributing something concrete towards current affairs & national issues.
  • Holding events as and when possible such as Independence Day and Diwali.