Anuj Rampal

Anuj is a marketer and publisher. Over the past two decades, he is exposed to various cultures & global affairs, whereby real stories & events affect human beings globally. All groups and societies have their say when it comes to support and wellbeing for their people, however, some care for their people and some don’t. Similarly, when it comes to India and its people, we do have a gap where we must come forward to contribute towards nation’s wellbeing and try recapture our lost heritage, intelligence and values. Anuj always wanted to do tangible things for the nation. Having studied and settled in the UK,  he decided to give back to India and its people. This initiative (NRI Abroad) is in infancy, but he hopes to take this endeavour forward to make things work for the nation.

As individuals, we all are responsible for our own actions and their consequences. Society is also responsible for its own actions and consequences, but then society is made of individuals too. Under some circumstances, if individual’s action result in a drop in their well-being, then it is their personal responsibility, as a result they are bound to bear the repercussions. Similarly if society’s action result in a drop of everyone’s wellbeing, then it becomes society’s responsibility, hence society is bound to bear the consequences. To summarise this, society is incomplete without its people and people are too not complete without their society. Therefore, both need to stick and work together to look after each other’s interests.

Baldev Jugdey

Baldev is an entrepreneur and well-known name in Manchester community. Baldev left India when he was just 10, and having gone through many twists and turns in life, he is one of the sought after businessmen in the city. Baldev always craved to support people in India & UK whichever way he could. He has been addressing issues that affect community and also been involved in philanthropic activities through his initiatives whilst associated with various ethnic communities.

Baldev’s association with (NRI Abroad) is immensely paramount in carrying out activities which we meant to do.